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Presents The Pattern WorkTM a Self Discovery System that liberates Awareness and Inner Wisdom from the shadow aspects of Self.

Reverend Sinda Jordan
Self-Discovery Facilitator &
Unlicensed Psychotherapist

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Discover The Pattern Work™ and Give your Heart Wings

  • Have you been searching for a personal growth process that really works?

  • Do you want to accelerate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth?

  • Are you willing to work the patterns that are working you and move from limited knowledge into abundant knowing?

  • Are you ready to change your consciousness and live in the Joy of Being who you really are?

About The The Pattern Work™

The The Pattern Work™ is a process of exploring archetypal and emotional shadow aspects of "Self". The The Pattern Work™ allows you to consciously work with the unconscious patterns that obscure ones true nature. Transformation of these patterns provides expanded awareness, greater understanding, increased capacity for giving and receiving love and the embodiment of ones true nature.

The The Pattern Work™ allows one to recognize shadow aspects of self that are heavily judged, repressed and hidden away as unacceptable. These orphaned parts of our self are extremely knowledgeable about the habits and dramas in our lives. The Shadow "knows" and when approached with empathy and respect it informs and transforms. The The Pattern Work™ provides a way for people to safely have conscious access to the unconscious patterns of being that are habitually robbing you of your creative power. "Through this work my clients are able to become reborn and transform their patterns and their lives."

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"I have pursued many forms of self-growth, but none as effective as my work with Sinda. Our work together has increased my ability to recognize survival strategies and differentiate these from my personal truths. I have developed a greater appreciation for the things in me that are special and unique. My spirit is more joyful and my acceptance of others has increased greatly improving my relationships."
   – Juli Goodhue, Littleton, Colorado

"I was able to realize the negativity I have been holding and shed that which is not really me. The result has been that my life works better. I am able to see people from a whole different perspective and they have become more beautiful. I have become less judgmental of myself and others."
   – Chris Maftei, Napa, Florida

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Stimulate your Inner Knowing Through The Pattern Work™

  • Experience real leaps in your personal awareness.

  • Generate greater happiness, success and freedom in your choices.

  • Create new internal pathways that generate greater balance and more whole functioning.

  • Increase your ability to access your inner wisdom, understanding, creativity and your mystery.

  • Connect to a higher consciousness within your self that is dedicated to your highest possibility.

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About Reverend Sinda Jordan

Reverend Sinda Jordan

Sinda Jordan is the founder of the Center for Self Discovery and the creative developer of The Pattern Work™. She has eighteen years' experience as a Professional Self Discovery Facilitator & Unlicensed Psychotherapist, facilitating the transformation of shadow aspects of the "Self" into wisdom aspects that open the heart, calm the mind and expand the soul.

Sinda is an exceptional intuitive and empath. She will support you to greater conscious understanding with a caring heart and powerful insight. Author, Jean Houston has dubbed her a "Midwife to the Soul"

She is the published author of the award winning book, Inspired by Angels, and a non-denominational minister through People House in Denver Colorado.

Discovery Sessions are provided nationally through zoom or over the telephone, by appointment.

I invite you to accept my offer for a free zoom or telephone consultation to find out if The The Pattern Work™ is right for you! 303-986-8079

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For more information or to schedule a zoom or phone session contact:

Reverend Sinda Jordan
The Center for Self Discovery
Lakewood, CO 80227
303.986.8079               Email Sinda

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Order Reverend Sinda Jordan's
Award-Winning Book,
Inspired by Angels

Inspired by Angels
Click here to ORDER - Kiindle version NOW available!

Over the course of one year, four Archangels delivered messages of hope and love through the author, each focusing on a special area of living. In these writings, we come to know them: Michael's boundless love and compassion; Raphael's healing gifts in understanding disease in the mind and body; Gabriel's devotion to humanity in times of change and fear; and Uriel's watchful eye and gift of clarity, providing guidance when the path is unclear.

Each angel provides loving guidance for specific problems in everyday life. Uplifting and comforting, each letter is unrelenting in its message of love. "Listening to your inner knowing" is stressed again and again until the light finally shines through. This book opens the heart and lifts the spirit.

"By sharing her own celestial experiences, Jordan teaches others how to open their heart's to both blessings and wonder in the nicest possible way."  – Nexus Book Review

168 pages, $14.99
Click here to ORDER - Kiindle version NOW available!

Message taken from Inspired by Angels

See Yourself Clearly in The Reflection of Others

Fear depletes your Energy faster than anything else. There are many false beliefs that have fear at their core. All of these cause the body to lose energy and lower its vibration.

Recognizing these false beliefs within yourself can be difficult, but it is possible to identify these patterns clearly in those around you. The patterns of fear that you see most clearly in others are the ones that are present in some degree within yourself.

You increase your energy when you release the false beliefs that generate fear within you. Shedding light on your fears brings them out of hiding. Exposing fears to clear thought dissolves them. Once a fear is dissolved, it no longer has any power over you. You are then free to think differently and generate new, more rewarding experiences in your life.

The releasing of limiting fears propels you forward and increases the energy available to you. Each fear that you expose and release advances personal growth. Look at others with an open heart and be grateful for what they reflect back to you. It is one of the best ways available for seeing yourself more clearly.

Hiding from others helps you hide from yourself. See yourself as clearly as possible through the reflection given by others. Be sure to observe with love and acceptance. Never hide from what you find disagreeable in others. Instead, listen with an open mind and a loving heart to receive the healing insights they offer.

168 pages, $14.99
Click here to ORDER - Kiindle version NOW available!

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Reviews of Inspired by Angels

Feeling the Angels Messages - So Wonderful! —Kate Heartsong, Author, 1/30/2010

Inspired by Angels is truly uplifting and inspiring! I believe I can feel the angels' presence when I hold this book and when I read it; the energy of this book is so soothing and comforting. It's written in a wonderfully gentle and kind way, which of course is how angels "talk" anyway! I very much enjoy reading each messages for I sense and comprehend the truth the messages share.

Sometimes I'll ask for my angels to guide me to a message in this book that they feel I need to know, and I always feel assured and comforted by the message I receive. And it's always appropriate. I continue to read this as I feel guided or when I just want some reminders of truth. I deeply appreciate how the whole book is written and presented. I continue to keep it by my nightstand. I highly recommend this amazing book!

Real deal communications from the four famous Archangels themselves! —Amy H, 4/30/2017

These Letters from the Archangels are the real deal! The author was approached by the four famous Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, and asked to put down in writing messages they wanted to convey to instill specific wisdom unto the furthering of humanity. Over a years time she had this relationship with them where they would come to her and she would record their messages, which she eventually assembled into this book. The messages are short and to the point, as there were obviously specific topics each of the Archangels felt essential to communicate above all else, at least in this setting. And each Archangel can be immediately recognized for his style and manner of speaking, as they are all four quite unique angelic beings with distinct personalities. I can even attest that there is continuity in the unique sound and language of each Archangel compared with writings of others who have recorded their messages. One can be sure which angel is speaking at any given time and that the author is accurate in identifying the source of each message. The author even acknowledges that each Archangel seemed to have an area of special interest he felt it was most important to communicate, relative to his own expertise and experience.

The most blessed part of all these messages is that they all ultimately direct prayer and glory and listening back to God. One of the Archangels main tasks in general is that they act as liaisons between God and humanity, and they demonstrate that clearly here with supreme focus and eloquence. I highly recommend this book!

For one thing, authors who are able to reliably transmit these types of communications accurately enough to be willing to print are few and far between. There are not many books like this. Also, for me personally, reading and connecting with the writings of one great Archangel, Uriel, helped reestablish a dialog between the two of us I had been having trouble finding again, and for this I will be forever grateful. I simply went from reading his words to hearing them continue in my heart in a deeply personal communication which I had been seeking for some time. And the author at one point says that is part of her goal is to open up channels for people to be able hear on their own the Archangels that dearly would love to communicate with them on a more personal and regular basis, once an intuitive connection has been established. This book can help open that intuitive connection with the Archangels, and through them, a true and steadfast connection to God. Highly recommend this book!

168 pages, $14.99
Click here to ORDER - Kiindle version NOW available!

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